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Archive - Mar 21, 2011

Repeal of the minimum guaranteed profit on the trade in fruit and vegetables, promised Chrysohoidis

21 March 2011 / 22:03:23  
After Greece’s inclusion in the rescue plan of Europe and the International Monetary Fund, the Mediterranean people are still struggling with their old habits to "buy" the public peace with promises of guaranteed minimum profit and income security. The lack of liquidity and the non-productive state, however, exhausted all the possibilities of the current government to maintain this policy.

Without detailed business analysis, surviving companies will be followers rather than leaders

21 March 2011 / 20:03:13  
Information flows generated from various business sources brought competitiveness, supply and demand in the world to a completely different level. New technologies and innovative programs go out of date every day, and consumers in all sectors of the economy, dipped in the ocean of information, products and services, look for the combination of quality, price and efficiency to meet their specific needs.

The Greek communist youth set the European flag on fire because of the war in Libya

21 March 2011 / 18:03:19  
The students called for the US and NATO bases in Greece to be closed and for the withdrawal of the Greek ships and planes from Libya.

Wikileaks: Papandreou with anti-American comments, Samaras, Bakoyannis and Karamanlis - "friends" of USA

21 March 2011 / 15:03:37  
Karamanlis called "Buddha of Greek politics", Samaras more eligible for the post of foreign, economic or finance minister, Bakoyannis was chosen by the Americans.

Faithless are splitting in April

21 March 2011 / 00:03:04  
Faithless have announced that they are splitting. The frontman of the iconic formation Maxi Jazz wrote an official statement to the fans on the site of the band. Thus it became clear that the last participation of the band will be on April 8 in Bristol.

Skunk Anansie, Moby and Deftones at the Spirit of Burgas 2011

21 March 2011 / 00:03:24  
Skunk Anansie and the Deftones are two new names who have confirmed their participation in this year's festival Spirit of Burgas (12-14 August).

Pearl Jam are preparing their tenth studio album

21 March 2011 / 00:03:21  
Bass guitar player of Pearl Jam, Jeff Amant has announced before Billboard, that the band has written 25 songs for a new studio album. The disc will most likely be recorded later this year.