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Archive - Jun 2010

June 23rd

New Price Increases for Taxis, Tolls and Fuel

23 June 2010 / 11:06:22  
Transport prices rise from July 1 because of the increase in the value added tax on fuels from 21% to 23%.

After Losing with 0:2 from Argentina the World Cup 2010 for Greece is over

23 June 2010 / 09:06:00  
Despite the very good game and the high level of defence the Greeks failed to achieve the goal they had set. Not to allow their opponent to score.

June 22nd

Reforms of the Pension Law en route to Parliament

22 June 2010 / 12:06:42  
The retirement age of mothers of under-aged children increases by 15 years, a new method for calculating the pensions on the base of the sum of the base and analogue pensions will be introduced, the pensions of civil servants fall by 30%. The bill is expected to be presented as early as Friday.

Rock Concerts with Half Empty Stadiums

22 June 2010 / 11:06:27  
High ticket prices in time of crisis and the bad location of the places where concerts are usually held are the main factors for the small number of viewers.

June 21st

The Sun and the Moon

21 June 2010 / 19:06:09  
In astrology, the annual cycle is divided into four periods. There are two equinoxes and two solstices through the year. This cycle is defined by the movement of only one factor – the apparent movement of the Sun. It is called solar cycle.

Parents’ Intervention Is the Cause for Divorce More Often Than Cheating

21 June 2010 / 16:06:42  
Usually women are the ones who decide when they will end the marriage and proceed to divorce, while men rarely choose to collect their luggage.

Vuvuzela to the End

21 June 2010 / 15:06:16  
Except fiery football fans in Greece there are those who try their best to avoid the sporting event.