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Archive - Jun 2010

June 17th

UEFA Takes out the Scissors ...

17 June 2010 / 14:06:35  
UEFA is drawing up new laws for football teams sponsoring. The driving force of the change is the so-called Financial Fair Play, which aims to provide a more robust financial system in the European football.

“Show Your Bank Accounts Alone” Were Prompted the Politicians Involved in the Scandal with Siemens

17 June 2010 / 13:06:23  
Accelerating the investigation of the “black boxes” of Siemens is a priority of the Greek justice, especially since it was demonstrated that politicians were bribed.

Mass Dismissals are Coming

17 June 2010 / 12:06:41  
The reform of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security is causing radical changes in pension and employment. The share of cuts in private companies is increasing with more than 150 jobs from 2% to 5% annually.

Posh Parties of Shipping Tycoons in Athens in Times of Crisis

17 June 2010 / 11:06:48  
The tycoons owning shipping companies with challenging parties, where cocktails and sushi and seafood are generously carried around demonstrate that the economic crisis and stringent measures apply only to employees but not to the rich.

Men’s Water Polo Team Olympiakos One Step away from the Title

17 June 2010 / 08:06:54  
The white-reds led 7-6 in the match with the Panionios team that was played in Nea Smyrna pool.

June 16th

Heat Wave of Summer Strikes Flooded Athens Once Again

16 June 2010 / 16:06:41  
Тhe two largest unions in the country, this of state workers (ADEDY) and the one of private employees (GSEE) organized a general meeting on the Klatmonos Square in the capital at seven in the evening. The goal is to unite the employed in the public and private sector in a protest against the introduction of the new social security law.

The Munich 1860 Coach Will Lead the Red-whites up the Ladder to Success

16 June 2010 / 14:06:55  
The German coach and Sokratis Kokalis agreed to a two-year contract and an annual pay of € 550,000 after a meeting at the offices of the team in Athens.