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Archive - Dec 2010

December 25th

At least 100 Greek celebrities involved in a cocaine scandal

25 December 2010 / 11:12:12  
The names of the clients of the drug dealers are not yet publicly known, but according to the information spread, among them are some very popular figures. There are over 10 thousand records of conversations between the dealers and the buyers and soon many of them are expected to be called as witnesses in the investigation.

The Minister of finance received a cheque worth 310 billion… kisses

25 December 2010 / 10:12:06  
George Papaconstantinou met the children athletes who with a lot of joy and excitement sang their Christmas song and wished him to fight and not to give up on meeting the objectives set.

December 24th

The political future of Dora Bakoyannis through the eyes of the readers of GRReporter

24 December 2010 / 17:12:15  
Dora Bakoyannis is one of the most - controversial political figures in Greece, who were at the epicenter of the media interest in the already ending year 2010. Over the past 12 months she was able to induce her disassociation from New Democracy and to establish her own Democratic Alliance.

Pharmacists want a guaranteed profit while healthcare funds owe them money

24 December 2010 / 13:12:46  
22% of the price of each drug go in the pocket of the pharmacist who sold it. The new law for the liberalization of the market aims at eliminating the minimum guaranteed profit, but pharmacists in Greece do not agree.

Lawyers do not give up the protection of the state, they threaten with strikes

24 December 2010 / 12:12:30  
The legal profession is among the160 professions that are expected to be liberalized in the first months of the next year. Most lawyers oppose to this option.

Austrian utility power company Verbund withdraws from Greece

24 December 2010 / 09:12:48  
The biggest competitor of the state NEC is withdrawing due to violations in the pricing and non compliance with the rules of loyal competition.

December 23rd

Explanations for the case of the ‘pink’ DVD and the black 5.5 million euros required Dora Bakoyannis in Parliament

23 December 2010 / 15:12:56  
Four days ago have started Dora Bakoyannis’ attacks from the Parliament rostrum against the journalist Themos Anastasiadis. She even doesn’t call him by his name but ‘the carrier’ as the media had called him during the scandal that broke about the journalist and publisher of the Proto Theme newspaper three years ago.