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Archive - Oct 15, 2010

Sidney Govou could pay for his nightlife with his ... contract with Panathinaikos

15 October 2010 / 16:10:21  
Govou’s life outside the stadium troubles Djibril Cisse too. Cisse was the one who voted with both his hands for the player. He helped the ‘novice’, who was met with Bengal fires and rejoicing at the airport, to adapt to his new team.

Police guard the Acropolis and tourists come in for free

15 October 2010 / 16:10:53  
All visitors to the archaeological park of the Acropolis could enter for free from 12 pm. Riot police, however, remain on guard at the main entrance of the park.

Love in astrological terms

15 October 2010 / 15:10:52  

I continue the theme of love and the specifics related to Venus in the birth horoscope. I started with Venus because it is a factor not so associated with genetic imperative in humans. The first part was about the genetic attraction that no human can control. Surprisingly, I will not start with the basics. But that how life is - everything starts from the outside goes inside. You meet a lovely representative of the opposite sex and something is kicking you inside. It does not necessarily mean that a serious and deep relationship will follow. This is Venus. It all starts with Venus.

Steve Savas: privatisation, decentralisation and transparent management

15 October 2010 / 12:10:27  
The coryphaeus of economics and lecturer at City University of New York Steve Savas spoke in Athens about the changing role of the state and how Greece could return to the economic growth.

The crisis brings back the old value system of the Greeks

15 October 2010 / 11:10:37  
People invest more in home entertainment. They download movies from the Internet or take them on DVD and invite friends home. They spend more time at home. Many interesting things are happening to them now.