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Archive - Oct 7, 2010

The enthusiasm of the strikers in Greece seems to vanish

07 October 2010 / 18:10:53  
Angry Greeks gathered again to protest against the policy of the management of George Papandreou, but without the high spirit of strikers known from the beginning of 2010.

The harmful noise of the city

07 October 2010 / 15:10:42  
“Athens is a 6 million city, lack of noise is impossible. There are adopted laws for noise pollution, but it is a matter of culture - what can I do if your TV is at high volume, or you are shouting at home or pressing the horn?,” said Nikos Karameros, an expert at the Ministry of Environment. Noise is one of the main reasons for the low quality of life seriously damaging health and psychology – it damages hearing, it stresses and entirely changes the health status of people who are constantly subjected to noise pollution.

Free thermal insulation for the poor with a budget of € 5.5 million

07 October 2010 / 10:10:03  
The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change launches a new pilot program to create green neighbourhoods in Athens. Priority in the program have the poor neighbourhoods, which according to Minister Tina Birbili, have the lowest energy efficiency.

Fernando Santos: In the match against Latvia we will be...U2

07 October 2010 / 08:10:22  
The coach Fernando Santos requires the Greek national football team to win in two consecutive matches – with Latvia and Israel. They will be played on October 08 and 12 respectively on Karaiskaki Stadium in Athens. The Portuguese, who was offended until recently as the players were leaving the team not saying a word to him, is now optimistic for the state of the team. “The draw with Croatia balanced the situation and made the players and the team more confident.