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Archive - Oct 5, 2010

Various responses from abroad for the future of the Greek economy

05 October 2010 / 17:10:38  
Moody's made a statement that it considers the possibility to raise the credit rating of the country, which was the first positive response after the start of reforms. The financial analysts of Financial Times, however, defined the 2011 budget as too ambitious for Greece to implement it.

Lady Gaga on the island of Crete?

05 October 2010 / 10:10:12  
The stunningly successful pop eccentric lady is on a short holiday with her beloved Luc Carl in the Elounda resort at a time when world media announced their wedding.

The external debt of Greece reached 187% of GDP

05 October 2010 / 08:10:03  
The National Bank of Greece reported that the country's external debt reached 434.3 billion euros for the maintenance of high budget deficits, the frequent loans with short maturity and the reduction in value of government securities. To these should be added and the reduction of the gross domestic product.