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Archive - Jul 2013

July 28th

Foods with beautifying properties

28 July 2013 / 13:07:54  
What we eat may be more important to our appearance than any cosmetic products that we buy

Fires are raging throughout Greece

28 July 2013 / 12:07:20  
Outbreaks on Crete, Rhodes and Serifos are out of control; fire-fighting forces are trying to extinguish them

July 27th

The European Commission recommends acceleration of reforms

27 July 2013 / 16:07:04  
In the evaluation of Greece’s second programme, the EC called for further structural reforms and continuation of privatisation

12 reasons to include dairy products in your daily diet

27 July 2013 / 12:07:40  
Dairy products are very good for your health and you can include them in your diet in various ways

The National Bank of Greece will absorb Probank

27 July 2013 / 12:07:55  
According to the decision of the Bank of Greece, following the unsuccessful attempt for recapitalisation with private capital, the "healthy" part of the bank will be transferred to NBG

Ubuntu Edge or the edge of innovation

27 July 2013 / 00:07:03  
Ubuntu Edge promises to become a "superphone" at the cutting edge of innovation in mobile devices. Find out how.

VAT in restaurants has been reduced by 10%

26 July 2013 / 23:07:46  
The government has introduced a temporary reduction in VAT in catering, lowering it from 23% to 13%. The measure will take effect as of 1 August and will be valid until the end of the year. The main condition for it being made permanent is for it to not affect the revenues to the state treasury.