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Archive - Jul 23, 2013

The dispute on working on Sundays continues

23 July 2013 / 23:07:32  
While the parliament was debating, the centre of Athens was blocked by the procession of about 1,000 people who were protesting against the introduction of working on Sundays for shops.

Shipping tycoon arrested on charges of money laundering

23 July 2013 / 20:07:58  
Shipping tycoon Victor Restis was arrested for embezzlement and money laundering. The funds belonged to First Business Bank (FBB) which is owned by his family.

The creative power of the real economy

23 July 2013 / 18:07:54  
The competition "Make Innovation Work" will award 45,000 euro to innovative projects in five areas, including green energy, alternative agriculture, the shipping industry, logistics and healthcare (well-being). The initiative will take place for the second time and will enable new or established companies to apply for funding and for a package of consulting services to realize their business idea.

Three Marfin Bank representatives have been sentenced for the death of the employees caused by the arson of its branch

23 July 2013 / 14:07:10  
The court has found the managing director of the bank and the person in charge of its security guilty. It has sentenced them to 22 years in prison, without acknowledging any extenuating circumstances. The director of the branch has been sentenced to five years and one month.