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Archive - Aug 2013

Why isn’t the tomb of Alexander the Great in Amphipolis

31 August 2013 / 21:08:12  
Reportedly, the tomb of Alexander the Great is in Egypt, Venice, even in Uzbekistan and Australia

August 31st

Greeks abroad may face charges of tax evasion

31 August 2013 / 18:08:07  
They are being taxed retroactively for their incomes in other countries because of a low rent of property they own in Greece

Food prices are increasing despite the general drop

31 August 2013 / 13:08:38  
Big supermarkets are increasing their turnover on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses; prices of clothes and shoes are marking a drop

August 30th

GRReporter readers chose

30 August 2013 / 18:08:42  
Readers of the Bulgarian version of our website want more information about Bulgarians in Greece. Readers of the Greek version - want more analysis of the situation in Bulgaria and readers of the English version prefer more news from Greece.

Operation "Spear"

30 August 2013 / 14:08:56  
This is a police action that will last for a period of 12 months and its main objective is tackling illegal immigration

History of infographics

30 August 2013 / 13:08:20  
The visual representation of complex data accelerates their perception and understanding. See how infographics appeared and developed to what we now take for granted.

live The Greek government is getting ready for the Syrian crisis

30 August 2013 / 11:08:48  
Officials are expecting a surge of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, as well as concerns about the economy in case of a jump in oil prices