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Archive - Jun 7, 2012

Seizures for unpaid taxes have begun

07 June 2012 / 22:06:22  
From this week, taxpayers who have delayed payments of over three thousand euro are threatened by sudden seizures, and those who owe the tax authorities more than five thousand euro may fall under the blows of criminal law.

Greece copied the negative experience of East Germany in sports

07 June 2012 / 20:06:04  
The money the state gave the federations to train the athletes was spent on the development of group programmes for taking doping, stated sports journalist Filippos Sirigos.

Greek Olympic team hopes for medals from the Games in London

07 June 2012 / 16:06:10  
Compared to everything else we are experiencing in the country today, we can speak of a miracle in sports. 92 athletes have already qualified for participation in the Olympic Games in London despite the lack of basics and discontent, and closed sports facilities, stated the president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Kapralos.

Golden Dawn spokesman beat Liana Kannelli on live TV

07 June 2012 / 13:06:31  
The participants in the political panel of George Papadakis’ show entered into a fierce debate in which the member of the neo-Nazi party threw water in the face of SYRIZA deputy Rena Dourou first and when Kannelli reacted to his action, Kasidiaris first kicked her and then hit her three times. The host Papadakis was crying out helplessly, "No! I won't allow this! Don't do it!"