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Archive - Apr 2012

Skopje gave Makis Psomiadis to the Greek justice department

30 April 2012 / 22:04:44  
The controversial football boss Makis Psomiadis, against whom serious match-fixing allegations have been raised, is now in the hands of the Greek authorities.

Another three HIV positive women practiced the ancient craft

30 April 2012 / 22:04:35  
Both are Greek and the third is Bulgarian, who earn their living on the streets around Omonia Square in Athens

The age of film photography is leaving and not coming back

30 April 2012 / 21:04:53  
The era of digital technology changed our lives forever. With this statement agree all those who remember the duplex telephone, modems, which make strange sounds before connecting to the Internet or the children who were becoming a branch of the television antenna so that dad could watch the news or the football game.

April 30th

Dora Bakogiannis promised to be an ambassador of the private sector in the new parliament

30 April 2012 / 17:04:05  
In Greece we have no tradition of forming coalitions, but I do not see why we cannot start doing it now, said the leader of the Democratic Alliance during her main election press conference.

Active prostitute with AIDS was discovered in Athens

30 April 2012 / 13:04:56  
The news that a Russian prostitute carries the AIDS virus shook the tranquillity of over 700 men in Athens this weekend.

Media blame Papademos for hiding taxes, he refutes

30 April 2012 / 12:04:07  
For six years Prime Minister Lucas Papademos paid only 511 Euros for taxes to the state, while his income was more than 2.2 million Euros.

April 29th

Several suggestions about where to celebrate May 1st

29 April 2012 / 20:04:15  
Sunny days, spring scenery and cheaper destinations closer to Athens. Do you need anything else to enjoy the May 1st holiday, especially if you managed to take Monday off? Maybe not!