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Archive - Jun 22, 2012

Even now, Greece has no national plan to emerge from the crisis

22 June 2012 / 22:06:43  
We will be back in a deadlock in a few months because of the unwillingness of politicians to clean up the public administration, Greek journalist and political commentator Takis Theodoropoulos said in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.

live Greece vs Germany in Euro 2012

22 June 2012 / 21:06:26  
In the 39th minute, Germany managed to effectively break through the defence and although Sifakis tried to stop it, the ball went in Greece's goal.

Greece has a Ministry of Merchant Marine again

22 June 2012 / 19:06:25  
To restore the Ministry of Merchant Marine was one of the first acts that distinguished the cabinet of Antonis Samaras from Greece’s governments in the last three years.

live Rapanos has been hospitalized after fainting

22 June 2012 / 17:06:40  
The presidency of the republic announced that the oath of ministers scheduled for 7:30 pm will involve only the Deputy Ministers of Finance George Mavraganis and Dimitris Kourkoulas.

live Samaras is in hospital for an eye surgery

22 June 2012 / 16:06:53  
The newly elected Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will undergo a surgery by ophthalmologist Professor Panos Teodosiadis at Attica State Hospital tomorrow morning.

Greece - Germany 1:1 in the rough attacks ahead of the crucial match

22 June 2012 / 15:06:03  
Social and traditional media in both countries have strongly politicized an ordinary football match.

Fernando Santos is optimistic about the match between Greece and Germany

22 June 2012 / 13:06:16  
The football match between Germany and Greece is awaited with enormous tension. The Mediterraneans expect their national team to defeat its Northern European opponent and at a press conference held before the crucial day, the coach of the Greek national team Fernando Santos made it clear that it would be an epic fight.