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Archive - Jun 11, 2012

Five hundred people in Greece owe one billion euro

11 June 2012 / 20:06:49  
The latest information provided by police also shows that seven of the detained incorrect taxpayers were foreigners, 446 were men and 56 were women. The offenders were mainly from the big cities of Greece - Athens and Thessaloniki.

Ancient Greek solutions for the economic crisis of their distant descendants

11 June 2012 / 19:06:56  
The prophecy of Pythia from the Delphic oracle, Socrates' advices and the experience of Archimedes provide answers to today's crisis.

New Democracy and SYRIZA on fighting terms after accusations of promoting terrorism

11 June 2012 / 17:06:19  
"SYRIZA has no connection with some individuals’ inducement to a guerrilla war, revolution or terrorism." This is what a senior representative of the radical left party said exclusively for GRReporter after, in the last few days, the name of SYRIZA has been connected with allegations in support of extremist ideas against the state and in launching guerrilla warfare.

Village of Distomo, where 335 people voted for Golden Dawn

11 June 2012 / 16:06:36  
A month after the 6 May elections, its residents commemorated the 68th anniversary of the massacre in the village that caused the death of 218 people.