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Archive - Feb 2012

February 16th

Rasmussen and Dimas confident in the Euro-Atlantic future of Greece

16 February 2012 / 20:02:53  
The Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas called on NATO to introduce the common values ​​in the relations between member states, referring to the unneighbourly relations with Turkey.

Eurogroup has cornered Athens, politicians seek solutions

16 February 2012 / 14:02:06  
The shift in layers in the political situation in Greece suggests uncertainty about the future. Although today about 70% of parliament supports the introduction of the new austerity measures, after the elections, the parties that are against the financial aid may be a majority.

Antonis Samaras’ cabinet will not survive even with the support of PASOK of Evangelos Venizelos

16 February 2012 / 10:02:18  
The behaviour of the Greeks in Bulgaria was humiliating and possibly some need to apologize for that. But it is not right to go from worshiping any Greek nonsense to get to the negation of everything that is Greek. The failure of Greece will not be beneficial to anyone in the Balkans, says the sociologist George Siakandaris in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.

February 15th

Civil servant attempted suicide

15 February 2012 / 20:02:04  
Shortly before noon today, a woman and a man went to the window on the third floor of the workers’ organization on Solomou street intending to commit suicide.

Greek chef will cook during the summits of European Union leaders

15 February 2012 / 15:02:12  
Botrini is a recognized chef in Greece, but gained wide popularity after the TV show "Kitchen Nightmares."

live Reduced flow of natural gas is threatening to collapse the Greek power supply system

15 February 2012 / 14:02:43  
Game of nerves with conflicting messages of cutting the export of Iranian oil to Greece and six other European countries.

Greek filmmakers against the burning of Attikon cinema

14 February 2012 / 23:02:21  
We are protesting against the uncontrolled actions of these fascists - no matter to which political extremes they belong, who want to determine our daily life. We will not let it happen.