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Archive - Jan 2012

January 21st

Poachers poison foxes not to prevent their hunting

20 January 2012 / 22:01:14  
GRReporter contacted the environmentalist George Iliopoulos from Callisto to give more light on the case and to try to explain why people poison wild animals by further destroying natural ecosystems intentionally.

January 20th

Planned cut of the Greek cabinet

20 January 2012 / 17:01:50  
The meeting between the leaders of political parties and the Prime Minister did not bring an agreement on the support to the government. While Antonis Samaras is trying to shorten its life, George Papandreou proves once again how difficult it is to him to abandon power.

Greek telecommunications company OTE has obligations to foreign creditors exceeding 3.4 billion euro

20 January 2012 / 15:01:08  
In 2011, the company has seriously cut the operational costs and has taken care to improve cash flow. Furthermore, the "bad customers" have increased by 30% and unpaid bills have reached 120 million euro compared to 2009, when this amount was 77 million.

Negotiations on PSI continue today

20 January 2012 / 14:01:06  
Both parties report a convergence of positions, on Monday, Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos has to inform his counterparts from the eurozone on the results, the Institute of International Finance will give a press conference in Geneva on Tuesday.

Cutting wages in Greece is inevitable, says Reichenbach

19 January 2012 / 23:01:34  
In the early years of the crisis, the cost of labour managed by trade unions was seriously overestimated. Greece must reduce the wages until the competitiveness of Greek products returns to the pre-crisis levels explained the head of the European Commission advisory group on economic growth for Greece.

January 19th

Businessmen, а diplomat and а school bus driver among the captured for paedophilia in Greece

19 January 2012 / 21:01:00  
The arrested are at different ages and with different social statuses. Particularly brutal porn materials involving children with a total size of 14,000 GB were found in their computers.

Markets expect Greece to default

19 January 2012 / 20:01:23  
Another evening meeting of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos with the representative of private creditors and head of the Institute of International Finance Charles Dallara, hedge funds are taking the offensive.