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Archive - Jan 31, 2012

The miserable ones of Athens

31 January 2012 / 22:01:59  
Hundreds of homeless people are living on the streets and refuse to sleep in the municipal buildings open for the cold nights for fear that someone else will take their place. The problem is particularly noticeable in the centre because of the dozens of drug addicted foreigners, who are interested only in obtaining the next, sometimes lethal, dose.

Greek fashion guru Lakis Gavalas taken to prison

31 January 2012 / 18:01:26  
The eccentric businessman was arrested twice in a day and was sentenced for non-payment of VAT for 2011. When he was shown his cell, he turned to the guards and asked them, "Do you bring breakfast to the room?"

Road accidents have dropped due to the crisis

31 January 2012 / 16:01:08  
Most accidents occur on Saturday and not on highways but in cities, the main causes are failure to comply with traffic signs, failure to yield the right of way, high speed, driver distraction and use of alcohol.

Top managers are pessimistic about the future of Greece

31 January 2012 / 15:01:59  
93% do not believe that the government is able to cope with the economic crisis, the lack of fresh money on the market and excessive taxes are the biggest problems that managers must deal with.