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Archive - Jan 12, 2012

The International Financial Institute has warned that the time for PSI is expiring

12 January 2012 / 23:01:35  
It is essential in order to finalize the voluntary (private sector involvement) agreement that support be given by all official parties in the days ahead, stress bankers.

Six truths about Botox

12 January 2012 / 23:01:04  
There is probably no woman, and lately no man, who does not shudder at the sight of the first permanent wrinkle.

Arabs want to invest in Greek technologies and production

12 January 2012 / 20:01:07  
In a period of complete financial eclipse the United Arab Emirates has expressed a serious interest in investing in troubled Greece.

The seven hidden cankers of the Greek economy

12 January 2012 / 13:01:29  
According to the research conducted by Hellastat the Iranian crisis, the export bubble, the imported raw materials and the distrust of entrepreneurs are only a part of the hidden mines in the field of the Greek economy, which is anyway suffocating under the pressure of the debt crisis.