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Archive - Jan 2012

January 22nd

The supervisory Troika insists on wage cuts in the private sector

22 January 2012 / 14:01:36  
Changes in labour relations in both the private and public sectors constitute a fundamental requirement of the supervisory Troika at this stage, as its representatives believe that this type of intervention can help the Greek economy to recover faster.

A “grocer” with 78 million euro in Switzerland

22 January 2012 / 07:01:19  
A big businessman, whose activity is in the field of supermarket chains, was accused through a letter sent to the Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, of the illegal export of millions of euro in Switzerland.

Former Mayer of Thessaloniki threatened with arrest

22 January 2012 / 01:01:51  
In Vassilis Papageorgopoulos' bank account a transaction was found for over 1 million euro, of unknown origin

January 21st

Manipulations of the Greek statistics enter in the Parliament

21 January 2012 / 20:01:42  
The scandal related to the changed data about the economic situation of Greece threatens to shake the anyway fragile government coalition

live Dramatic turn in the negotiations for the Greek PSI

21 January 2012 / 17:01:07  
Charles Dallara left for Paris, Evangelos Venizelos will go to the Eurogroup meeting on Monday without an agreement, the contacts between both parties will be made over the phone

live The final agreement on the Greek PSI will be on Saturday

21 January 2012 / 16:01:27  
Executive Director of PIMCO Bill Gross insists that the European Central Bank should also cut a part of the nominal value of the Greek bongs it owns, Nouriel Roubini sees a credit event in the deal

I found myself on the street, but I am a happy homeless man

20 January 2012 / 23:01:31  
One of the clearest signs of the Greek crisis is the widespread appearance of homeless people on the streets of Athens and major cities. They are people who had a home, work and a completely normal life until recently. One of them shared his story and hope for the future with GRReporter.