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Archive - Jan 2012

January 8th

Economic crimes under the wing of the Papandreou family

08 January 2012 / 17:01:54  
Yannis Kapeleris or "the Rambo from Agia Varvara " as he was named after assuming the post of a leader of the Agency to combat financial crime, has had to resign at the request of the Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

Rushing to complete the PSI out of fear for bigger cuts

08 January 2012 / 14:01:59  
BNP Paribas ensures that private creditors and the Greek state are close to an agreement, the International Monetary Fund now formally doubts that the 50 percent Greek debt forgiveness is enough.

January 7th

"Moderate" drop in cinema ticket sales for 2011

07 January 2012 / 20:01:30  
Pirates, witches, smurfs, wolves and vampires broke the box office records in 2011.

Tens of millions Euros shelled out for cleanliness in administrative buildings

07 January 2012 / 19:01:47  
For the fiscal year 2010 the Greek Parliament had a budget for costs associated with cleanliness amounting to 670,000 Euros, but ultimately the amount spent on cleaning the building reached 828,802 Euros.

Airlines reduce their flights to Athens

07 January 2012 / 17:01:03  
The airline business is preparing for a difficult year - the reduced income of Greeks makes their journeys by plane rarer, and the international airport in Athens does not show any flexibility in the prices of flights it services.

Sexual attractiveness

07 January 2012 / 15:01:38  
Attractiveness of people has always been a top issue in our lives. There is hardly anyone who does not care about their own attractiveness.

Greece does not need six state television channels with an annual budget of 300 million euro

07 January 2012 / 09:01:26  
If the Disciplinary Council punishes me for something I wrote, then all my colleagues would be afraid to write. The problem lies in criminalizing the opposite opinion, states the journalist Paschos Mandravelis in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.