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Sexual attractiveness

07 January 2012 / 15:01:38  GRReporter
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Attractiveness of people has always been a top issue in our lives. There is hardly anyone who does not care about their own attractiveness. There are people who attract inexplicably and are a subject of constant attention. Attractiveness is not a function of beauty, even though it is connected to it. We define as beautiful, above all, attractive people. And more specifically, the sexually attractive people. This explains why a woman finds it hard to understand what men like in another woman who is not beautiful according to her. And vice versa. Purely sexually people find it more difficult to accept and respond to the attractiveness of their own sex.

In this article I will focus on the topic of our personal attractiveness and how it relates to the individual horoscope.

There is no person who has not secretly been jealous of another person, seeing how he (or she) easily attracts people to themselves. This issue is most acute in the sexual arena. The whole fashion, perfume and cosmetics industry relies on just that - our desire to be attractive, especially in sexual terms. We cannot deny that even in ordinary every day, neighbourly, friendly or business relations, sexual attraction between men and women plays an important role even if we believe it has nothing to do with it. Beautiful and attractive men and women have always had better chances ceteris paribus.

Our attractiveness depends not only on how a physical form can be described as beautiful by most people. But also on how we "accept" how we move and what life we give it in our physical form.

It is not a coincidence that the attractiveness of a person is also called magnetism. We say that someone attracts others like a magnet. And that is the basis of all the commotion. We live immersed in an ocean of magnetism – we constantly emit and receive. Each of us possesses magnetic radiation, a magnetic field. The magnetic energy we give out is the decisive factor in the mutual attraction between people. It emanates from our eyes, hands, movements, timbre of voice, from our whole body. When we say that someone has great sex appeal this is a person holding a specific personal magnetism, which pierces us like an arrow and attracts us like a magnet attracts a pin.

In astrology, Venus and the Moon are basically the planets that give the magnetic force of a person. All planets are involved in the formation of the magnetic field, but these two planets are distinguished by the fact that they set a particular model of magnetic field. They set the size and the power of expression. Venus forms the surface. The moon forms the kernel. But the first word is owned by Venus. Only when Venus ends its job, then the Moon comes, which triggers our deeper nature and our magnetic force which comes out in closer communication. It cannot be adequately felt during first contact, as can be Venus.

What happens when two magnetic fields - a man and a woman - meet? The formula is that men are born to give and women to accept. Of course, women give out magnetism as well and men accept it. But this happens in the moments, which are beyond the purely sexual context on which I am focusing in this article. So when I talk about sexual exchange, it is this: women accept and men give.

It is in the nature of a woman to feel the need to accept and to absorb magnetism. And not any magnetism but the magnetism of men. This is the reason for female coquetry and vanity. She strives to be more attractive through her clothing, makeup, jewellery, behaviour. She seeks the admiration and attention of men.

Men in turn are set by nature to give magnetism through physical contact – through sex. Therefore, sexual intercourse, touch and eye contact are extremely important and significant for men, because through them they can give. Only through flirting, courtship, touch, and simply with their physical presence men give out their magnetism. And in order to make it complete they need the sexual act.

According to modern astrological rules men and women with strongly placed Venus (and Moon as a secondary factor) in their individual horoscope must be “flooded and drowned" with beauty and sex appeal. Yes, but no. Sometimes it is so, but sometimes it is not.

One day I heard on TV the story of Slavi Trifonov (Bulgarian talk show host) who was telling about his meeting with Victoria Silvstedt - a famous Swedish model. He said the following: "I had always heard of her. And I had seen her. But when she came into the studio, there was not just a strong sexual feeling in the air. Sex came in the studio!"

When I looked at her horoscope, once again I was surprised – in it femininity, beauty and sexual attractiveness were not in their right place. I had seen the same in many other horoscopes of famous and not so famous people, but the answer always seemed to elude me. When I heard the story of Slavi I got it and I turned the focus in line with the natural mechanism of magnetism, about which I wrote above.

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