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Archive - Feb 2, 2011

Interest rates on government bonds began to fall and the stock exchange registered profits

02 February 2011 / 17:02:13  
Scenarios for a common solution to debt problems of countries in the periphery of the euro zone have revived the financial markets and brought the first signs of restoring the confidence in the Greek economy.

Package containing explosives in the Ministry of Justice

02 February 2011 / 16:02:39  
An envelope with suspicious contents caused confusion at the Ministry of Justice in Athens earlier today. The officers checking the mail were suspicious about its contents and immediately alarmed the police.

Doctors occupied the Ministry and will remain there until the withdrawal of the health care bill

02 February 2011 / 15:02:03  
Striking doctors occupied the Ministry of Health, came into collision with the police and said they would not leave before meeting the Minister. The doctors held a meeting but they were determined to stay in the building of the Ministry until the government withdrew the bill to reform the health sector. All doctors from the health fund IKA’s offices throughout the country are on 48-hour repeated strikes. Polyclinics closed and hospitals are open only for emergencies between 9 am and 13 pm as hospital doctors have joined the protest outside the Ministry.

Military C-130 aircraft returned from Egypt with 182 people, four of them Bulgarians

02 February 2011 / 13:02:00  
The three military C-130 successfully landed on the Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos with 182 people on board. 155 of them are Greek citizens and the rest are foreigners.

Egyptians in Athens joined the protesters in Cairo

02 February 2011 / 12:02:09  
At least 200 Egyptians gathered in front of the Egypt Embassy in Athens to support the demonstrators in Cairo who held the largest rally to date.

Public transport strikes exhausted both citizens and its employees

02 February 2011 / 10:02:04  
Difficulties in capital residents movement continue on Wednesday, the public transport unions promise they will not stop the transport in the next three weeks