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Archive - Feb 5, 2011

Astrology doesn’t write the book of our life, its already written by the stars

05 February 2011 / 20:02:29  
The most important events in our lives are "written' and are often out of our control

Assaults against Greek journalists by the supporters of Mubarak

05 February 2011 / 16:02:53  
The authoritarian regime of Hosni Mubarak fights tooth and nail for its survival. After the killings and beatings in the ranks of the demonstrators who do not leave the "battlefield" started attacks against foreign journalists who cover the events.

The hunger strikers will decide when to leave the building on Patision Blvd.

05 February 2011 / 13:02:56  
Protest and a symbolic occupation of the building of the Journalist Union in Athens held today the Initiative solidarity for the immigrants who are conducting a hunger strike, requesting that they be granted asylum in Greece.

New blockages at the border with Bulgaria

05 February 2011 / 12:02:59  
Agricultural association of Ceres Municipality first announced it was considering blocking the road that leads to the border with Bulgaria, Promahonas-Kulata. The angry farmers from Greek Macedonia and Thrace will also participate in the protest. The final decision will be announced after the meeting of the agricultural union held this weekend.

Investments in securities, corporate bonds and foreign currency transactions bring profit in 2011

05 February 2011 / 10:02:44  
Credit spreads on corporate bonds are much lower than the spreads of the government ones and the bankruptcy risk index of the private enterprises has dropped significantly in the period after the banking crisis in 2008.