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Archive - Feb 11, 2011

The Troika insists on privatization worth 50 billion euros

11 February 2011 / 18:02:12  
The program was implemented but problems remained, Washington, Brussels and Frankfurt would take the decision on the fourth tranche, said the IMF, EC and ECB experts as well as that labour legislation in Greece would undergo 6-month monitoring.

Teachers do not want mergers of schools and announced 48-hour strike

11 February 2011 / 16:02:30  
Primary and secondary school teachers protest mainly against the mergers and the low budget allocated to education. They announced a 48-hour strike on February 22 and 23 and yesterday some pf them joined the strike of civil servants unions that lasted several hours.

The border with Bulgaria is open but farmers are determined to protest

11 February 2011 / 14:02:00  
The police commander of Ceres renewed his order prohibiting public gatherings, movement and stopping of agricultural machinery in certain sections of the road network in the area to block farmers' attempts to close the Greek-Bulgarian border.

Over-regulation is the cream of lawyers’ living

11 February 2011 / 13:02:30  
This was the opinion expressed by Leandros Rakitzis, State Administration Inspector General. He spoke at the forum "Over-regulation-poor legislation-lawlessness: Which is the road to recovery?"

Fine of 200 euros for non-payment of tolls, the movement will continue to "not pay"

11 February 2011 / 11:02:17  
The protest against toll payments for the roads that are not build yet and for the bad ones was approved by the majority of Greek society at the beginning but its growing into a movement of non-punching public transport tickets made unbelieving not only politicians but ordinary citizens too.