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Archive - Mar 2010

March 27th

Eli Kokinou is getting a divorce...

27 March 2010 / 09:03:16  
The news about the divorce of Eli Kokinou and Panagiotis Vasiliadis shocked the Greek society. The couple had won the sympathy of the people and was famous for keeping a low profile on purpose.

Stock breeders want an increase in the price of lamb before Easter

27 March 2010 / 09:03:25  
From the Greek Union of the stock breeders and farmers are saying that the import of lamb has drastically decreased this year and the local production has decreased by 30% compared to the production levels in the last year.

March 26th

Greece dropped out from the finals of the World championship in cycling in Copenhagen

26 March 2010 / 18:03:57  
An accident related to the loss of the control over the bicycle was the reason why the Greek cyclist Tamouridis dropped out from the finals of the world championship in track cycling for men and women in Copenhagen.

GRR HOT 15: Flo Rida is back!

26 March 2010 / 17:03:43  
Hey there! How are you doing this Friday? Two days before Palm Sunday and the following Holy Week... Of course, if you are like me, you know this since last week of Lent is on its way. If you’re from the others, those who only fast one week before Easter, then you’re yet to remove meat from your dining table starting Monday. Now I will try and make your “starving” week more fun by offering you some great songs! And everybody knows it - music fixes our moods!

Four men in suits and four children who are fighting for a playground

26 March 2010 / 16:03:01  
The movie „4 black suits” by Reno Haralambidi and the documentary “Children don’t play” shock the audience with their frankness.

The Euro zone and the International monetary fund will lend money to Greece only if the worst comes to the worst

26 March 2010 / 13:03:14  
The loan will be granted in case Greece cannot finance its needs on its own from the international markets and only after the unilateral agreement of all the countries members of the Euro zone. Two thirds of the money will come from the countries members and one third from the IMF.

Bargaining on the taxes imposed on the real estate properties of the Greek Church

26 March 2010 / 11:03:32  
During a special synod today the archbishop Ieronim will announce the results of the negotiation with the government.