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Archive - Mar 25, 2010

Can aggression on football stadiums in Greece be stopped ?

25 March 2010 / 17:03:55  
Neither the increased number of police nor the recently imposed ban on the presence of fans in the stadiums can guarantee the peaceful conduct of sporting events.

Greek National holiday through the eyes of one Bulgarian

25 March 2010 / 16:03:05  
How was the holiday celebrated by the Greek community in Bulgaria, by friends of Greece, businessmen, officials and guests, refracted through my eyes and subjective feeling.

Tradition requires cod as part of a traditional meal each year

25 March 2010 / 15:03:37  
Cod fish and mashed potatoes with garlic are traditional meals which are present on every Greek table on March 25th each year – the Greek national holiday Evangelizmou.

A return in the past: Greece forgets its mistakes from two centuries ago

25 March 2010 / 14:03:30  
Currently the country has sunk in the economic swamp and the money from the national treasury have disappeared without a trace. Let us go back two centuries and we will see that the history is repeating and morals cannot be drawn from it. At the time of its foundation in 1821 the Greek government goes in debt of the British government, which it pays for over a century. Only one forth of the amounts of the loans at that time reach Greece and the rest of the money has been spent by adventurers and bankers.

Thessaloniki Film Festival announces contests for script writers and film makers

25 March 2010 / 13:03:32  
The 8th Balkan Fund and "Crossroads" are awaiting for the projects of script writers and filmmakers related to the Balkan and Mediterranean region.

Bill Megalos “Do not start working in the movie industry if you do not adore it”

25 March 2010 / 10:03:34  

The great producer of documentaries admits in an interview for Maria Spassova that he loves Greece, but he finds it too civilized

Panathinaikos – PAS Giannina 3:1

25 March 2010 / 09:03:12  
The victory against the team of PAS Giannina brought the greens a ticket for the semi finals of the cup of Greece. The next game between the two teams will be just a formality.