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Archive - Sep 28, 2009

First bell rang in the Bulgarian school in Athens

28 September 2009 / 17:09:28  
Gathered in the school yard were more than 60 children, 11 teachers, parents and a lot of enthusiasm, which are already assisted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.

Hard week for the global stock exchanges

28 September 2009 / 15:09:27  
Most of the big indexes closed the week with losses.

Olympic Air's new destinations

28 September 2009 / 13:09:25  
The first flight of the new company is on October 1 in the morning.

Crazy Greek drivers...

28 September 2009 / 10:09:46  
Greeks love honking even without a reason, carrying their motorcycle helmet in their hand, instead of wearing it and cursing endlessly while driving.

4 ways to get rid of the fat belly

28 September 2009 / 09:09:31  
Exercise, watch what you eat, get enough sleep, but not too much, and try to get rid of stress.

Talat disappointed from Hristofias

28 September 2009 / 08:09:03  
He defines his speech in front of UN Common assembly as the worst one until now.

The first schools are closing

28 September 2009 / 08:09:11  
After 22 new swine flu cases over the weekend, Athens governor closed three schools in two Athenian neighborhoods.