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Archive - Sep 7, 2009

Shark attack in Santorini

07 September 2009 / 16:09:38  

A shark appeared on Thursday near a beach in Santorini and stabbed a 30 year old woman, who was there on holiday.

Supermarket thieves drove the Athenian police crazy

07 September 2009 / 15:09:55  

After a shooting between robbers and police, one criminal is dead and the other injured and under siege. The police also prevented another supermarket robbery.

A Bulgarian remembering her great friend Maria Callas

07 September 2009 / 12:09:23  

Nadia Stancioff's memoire "Maria Callas Forever" published in Greek.

Pre-term election announcement caused fall of the Athenian stock exchange

07 September 2009 / 11:09:05  

Bad week for stock exchanges worldwide. The reason - increasing unemployment rate in the US.

Anarchists rioted in the center of Athens

07 September 2009 / 09:09:34  

20 young anarchists attack a Special Forces team, set an ATM and a car on fire.

A lead between 5,7% and 6,7% for PASOK

07 September 2009 / 08:09:25  

Five sociological researches forecast a change in government four weeks before the pre-term elections in Greece on October 4.