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Archive - Aug 2012

August 26th

The Secret of Ikaria Island: sex, fish and longevity

26 August 2012 / 17:08:52  
On the Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, a tenfold higher percentage of longevity over 90 years is registered, compared to the world average

Plan for new solutions for loans "in the red"

26 August 2012 / 16:08:57  
The period for repayment of non-performing loans is expected to be extended to 10 years

Taxation under the United States model

26 August 2012 / 13:08:47  
The new system provides for the subtraction of all expenses from the total income of each taxpayer, except for those related to the acquisition of property and payment of utilities bills

August 25th

"Golden Dawn" draws a bead on disabled and homosexuals

25 August 2012 / 17:08:22  
An article advocating the Nazi views of "a pure race" has been uploaded оn the site of "The green wing" of the party

Appointments of spouses and relatives in the public sector will stop by order of Prime Minister Samaras

25 August 2012 / 15:08:07  
The "factory" for appointments of family members, and this in times of crisis, caused an unprecedented scandal inside and outside the parliament

live Fire wrapped Athens in a thick smoke

25 August 2012 / 12:08:16  
A huge fire has been raging since this morning near Afidnes. 35 fire trucks and 100 firefighters have arrived at the place, assisted by 37 people from the ground forces, 8 aircraft and 2 helicopters

Arts are the only food for the human spirit

24 August 2012 / 22:08:15  
Vida Pironkova is a poet, a musician, an artist, a jeweller. In her book Vida’s Rosary, she wrote, "Someone finds somebody somewhere at the end of his universe and plays on an ancient lira the songs of Solomon."