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Archive - Aug 2012

August 16th

Bankruptcy will not be a catastrophe, SYRIZA says

16 August 2012 / 18:08:25  
New Democracy defined as scandalous the statement of SYRIZA’s parliamentary spokesman Panagiotis Lafazanis that bankruptcy would not be catastrophic for Greece. Lafazanis is one of the oldest and most senior members of the opposition radical left and an outspoken supporter of the return of the drachma

Brangelina, De Niro and Monica Bellucci are touring Halkidiki

16 August 2012 / 16:08:37  
Witnesses, who met the Hollywood vacationers, say that the celebrities were easy-going and their presence was unostentatious. Tourists and residents on the second arm of Halkidiki - Sithonia, who were able to see the select group from a distance, commented on the social networks that the Greek "celebrities" have a lot to learn from the behaviour of their world famous colleagues.

Owners of petrol stations expect a ceiling on fuel prices this summer

16 August 2012 / 14:08:34  
Summer holidays are here and the prices of petrol and naphtha have again jumped with them. According to the data of the agency monitoring the prices of liquid fuels in Greece, the price of petrol in the areas of the island of Crete is close to two euro.

August 15th

Tax offences flourish on the Greek islands this summer too

15 August 2012 / 20:08:56  
The action of the economic police in Greece has shown that 53% of tourist sites in the country have been committing tax offences. 707 tax inspections were carried out between 10 and 13 August, which uncovered 1631 tax violations by 373 offenders.

Carretta carretta sea turtle has left its eggs on a beach near Athens

15 August 2012 / 19:08:33  
Baby turtles are expected to hatch between 15-20 September.

Greek police expect a wave of violence in the coming months

15 August 2012 / 18:08:59  
The police believe that burglaries of homes, abduction of "easy victims," armed terrorist attacks, social clashes and hooligan fights will increase crime significantly.

The Virgin Mary lives in every woman

15 August 2012 / 16:08:25  
GRReporter visited St. Barbara Church in the capital neighbourhood of Ano Patisia to see how those Athenians, who have not gone on vacation on the islands or in their homelands, celebrate.