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"Golden Dawn" draws a bead on disabled and homosexuals

25 August 2012 / 17:08:22  GRReporter
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"Golden Dawn's" blacklist includes, among other categories of unwanted citizens, also disabled, severely ill, as well as homosexuals.

And although the last category of citizens does not surprise anyone - a whole municipal council in Moscow (and it is not controlled by "Golden Dawn") banned gay parades for the next 100 years, and was praised by Nikolaos Mihaloliakos's organization - the case of the disabled shows that the "problem" of homosexuals to "Golden Dawn" is also an error which must be corrected through eugenics.

Recently, more and more members and supporters of the "Golden Dawn" seem determined to dig up all the ghosts of the past. In web pages, but also in the neighbourhoods, they are bringing to the surface ideas and beliefs which the modern world wanted to believe it has finally left behind.

Indicative is the article published on the website of "The green wing" of the party, which has recently been a subject to a lot of blogs and users.

It is about a study of a Canadian doctor of Neuropathology (whatever that means), who provides solutions to the problem of "the pure race."

The doctor offers "hereditary burdened people as paranoids, mentally retarded, schizophrenics, epileptics, holders of mutated genes, incurable alcoholics, drug addicts and others to undergo sterilization."

He also notes that "the sexual problem is often examined under the prism of pathology as a result of which most professionals are not able to distinguish the moral from the pathological element. Sexual relations should follow the instinctive human reflexes. A healthy and creative manifestation of the sexual instinct is necessary."

The scary scientist does not leave out women as well "from the moment they cross the threshold of school, they should be made aware of the dangers threatening them from certain catastrophic factors such as excessive desire for money, unhealthy food, spirituality poisoning by mass media and impersonal advertisements, drug therapy, vaccinations, X-rays, poisoned water, noise pollution, etc.".

Homosexuals are an ostensible aim of "Golden Dawn", which in its Official website uses every opportunity to emphasize that they are a typical example of the degradation of modern society.

Regarding the recent decision of the municipal council in Moscow to ban gay parades, site administrators state that "such decisions are in the interest of the public against the plans of the degenerative forces, advocating globalization, so we welcome them. But with one clarification, why should the ban only apply for 100 years, instead of 1000?".

Do it as the Nazis

Of course, all this is not new: it is a nightmarish déjà vu of the darkest pages of recent history. Like the secret memorandum, for example, issued by Hitler in 1939, which empowers two senior officials of the regime "to allow certain doctors to offer "euthanasia".

Since October 1939, defined by the Nazi government as a year of "the man's obligation to be healthy", to August 1941 in 130 German hospitals more than 70,000 patients have been killed, most of whom with psychological problems or mental disabilities.

The "euthanasia" program gets so widespread that in 1942 in the Hadamar psychiatry, the burning of the ten thousandth patient was celebrated with a special ceremony and the participants in the event - psychiatrists, nurses and secretaries were given a glass of beer.

It should be also noted that, as shown by official figures, the doctors have not hesitated to kill the mentally ill and disabled children. "They have been given an opportunity to do something like that and they have performed their duty, often on their own initiative," writes American sociologist Robert Proctor in his article "The Destruction of Lives Not Worth Living."

On the night of June 30, 1934, most of the leaders of the hit squads (SA - SturmAbteilungen), many of whom were homosexuals, led by Ernst Röhm, were killed in an operation which has become known as "The Night of the Long Knives."

It marked the beginning of the persecution of homosexuals. In 1938 the Nazi Bureau of racial policy reports that Germany is facing "an epidemic, reaching nearly two million homosexuals who represent 10% of the male population."

Meanwhile, thousands of homosexuals were arrested and sent to concentration camps, where they were distinguished by the pink triangle sewn to their prison uniforms and most of them were killed in gas chambers.

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