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Archive - Jul 2012

July 29th

Plan "Athens" provides for the closure of 150 faculties in universities and technical colleges

29 July 2012 / 17:07:21  
The government is determined to proceed to the optimization of the country's academic map

SYRIZA is trying on an autumn model of "fist" and a suit

29 July 2012 / 14:07:03  
Radical left SYRIZA’s leader Alexis Tsipras is trying to find a balance between the government and avowed anti-Europeans

July 28th

Greek athletes compete today in London

28 July 2012 / 20:07:29  
The Greek participation at the Olympic Games in London 2012 began today and a lot of the Greek athletes are rushing into the battle for the coveted medals

Cuts in the salaries of the Prime Minister, the President of Parliament, cabinet members

28 July 2012 / 19:07:20  
According to the Directorate of the General Accounting Office, these measures will result in a decrease of public expenses by 9-10 million euro per year

Emergency action plan on 7 fronts

28 July 2012 / 18:07:41  
The main aim is the immediate stabilization of tax revenues and tackling the "black hole" in the budget, which has already reached 1.5 billion euro

In August we regret the things we never did

28 July 2012 / 17:07:03  
Planets remind us that life begins where our personal zone of comfort and coziness ends

Sick with jealousy set his opponent on fire and killed another man on the island of Syros

28 July 2012 / 00:07:50  
In Athens, a bank robber wearing a suit and a wig stole 12,000 euro and slightly injured the bank's directress.