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Archive - Jul 18, 2012

Papandreou’s fall

18 July 2012 / 23:07:54  
Papandreou’s failure to implement one of the most progressive reforms for Greece made local political analysts seek the answers to two interesting questions. One is "Why did Papandreou fall?" and the other is "Who betrayed him?".

Shipbuilders strike for jobs, trade unions' workers - for financing

18 July 2012 / 21:07:44  
Create a new institution for social benefits so that our financing won't stop, those employed in the trade unions and other syndicalist organisations appealed to the government

Vacation on a yacht

18 July 2012 / 17:07:52  
Everyone can become a captain after a short training course and then reach mysterious inlets and marvellous beaches, says instructor Georgios Giakoulakis in an interview by Anastasia Balezdrova

Communist protest against the closure of the losing steel factory

18 July 2012 / 14:07:49  
The factory's management says that there will be massive lay-offs and will close the plant, unless the strike stops. The Minister of Labour asked the two sides to work out a compromise.

Northern Peloponnese and Corinth on fire

18 July 2012 / 13:07:41  

The firestorm in Zevgolatio, Corinth region, is continuing for the third day in a row. Strong winds and high temperatures make the firemen's work difficult. 87 firefighters, 38 fire-engines, 66 land cars, two aircrafts and a helicopter are fighting the unabated fire.