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Archive - May 9, 2012

live The meeting between Alexis Tsipras and Antonis Samaras has yielded no results, SYRIZA returns the mandate

09 May 2012 / 21:05:58  
Since the beginning of the week, the leaders of SYRIZA and New Democracy have met twice with the same ambition - to establish a government. Both parties have failed to establish a coalition government.

live Leaving the euro area means mass poverty, says Evangelos Venizelos

09 May 2012 / 20:05:34  
This is what the PASOK leader said after his meeting with the leader of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras, who has been trying for the second day in a row to form a coalition government of left forces.

live Panos Kamenos: SYRIZA cannot secure a majority, we will not negotiate

09 May 2012 / 17:05:08  
The leader of Independent Greeks Panos Kamenos said that it makes no sense to support the left anti-memorandum front of SYRIZA because without the Greek Communist Party (KKE) Tsipras cannot collect the necessary 120 seats to become prime minister. This became clear after their meeting that took place within Alexis Tsipras’ mandate to form a government.

New elections are the only possible outcome

09 May 2012 / 16:05:39  
It is not excluded that SYRIZA may receive the highest number of votes. Then, the only hope will be the unification of centre-right forces by Antonis Samaras, said sociologist George Siakandaris in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.

live Trade unions shut the door in the face of SYRIZA

09 May 2012 / 15:05:40  
The message to Alexis Tsipras is "Form a government first and come afterwords."

live Alexis Tsipras to meet with François Hollande

09 May 2012 / 14:05:38  
SYRIZA: We will not form a government held hostage by the Memorandum. According to him, the last elections have proved that the people want a left government, which will take the country out of the contract for financial assistance.

Antonis Samaras wants to unite the right wing

09 May 2012 / 14:05:19  
He called Dora Bakogiannis, Stefanos Manos and George Karatzaferis to participate in the formation of a pro-European centre-right front. The leader of Drasi said that the return of Costas Karamnlis would unite the right forces.