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Archive - May 13, 2012

The Greek economy will reach an impasse

13 May 2012 / 17:05:36  
The Bank of Greece and the Ministry of Finance are trying to develop an emergency plan, which will prevent the internal bankruptcy of the country in the event that the economic aid from Europe is cancelled.

Polarization in Greek society is increasing

13 May 2012 / 14:05:00  
The study partly reflects the confusion that reigns among the electorate.

live The meeting with Papoulias ended without any official statements, SYRIZA wants the protocol of the talks to be published

13 May 2012 / 13:05:00  
Antonis Samaras, Alexis Tsipras and Evangelos Venizelos left the presidential palace without giving statements, war of indirect attacks.

Emigrant exodus from Greece to Cyprus is not decreasing

13 May 2012 / 13:05:58  
On the flights from Athens and Thessaloniki to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, you will see many Greeks with quite bulky suitcases, laptops and embarrassed smiles, who are preparing to land in Cyprus with the hope that the brotherly country will help them settle in, and in most cases this happens.

live The meeting with the President started

13 May 2012 / 12:05:14  
At this hour Carolos Papoulias is talking to the leaders of the three largest parliamentary parties.