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Archive - May 14, 2012

live Talks on forming a government continue on Tuesday

14 May 2012 / 20:05:40  

Antonis Samaras from New Democracy, Evangelos Venizelos from PASOK and Fotis Kouvelis from the Democratic Left met in the presidency for the second time in the last two days at the invitation of Carlos Papoulias to find a common way in forming a coalition government. The meeting lasted less than an hour and the participants left the presidential palace without giving comments. Circles close to Fotis Kouvelis and Evangelos Venizelos said that negotiations have not been completed and the leaders of the three parties are expected to make separate statements a little later in the evening.

live Fotis Kouvelis: I will not cooperate with SYRIZA after the second elections

14 May 2012 / 18:05:43  

It appears that Greece is setting off for new elections after the failure of any of the three largest parties to form a coalition government last week. Although not yet officially announced, the leader of the Democratic Left Fotis Kouvelis has made it clear that the President of the republic Carlos Papoulias must set today a date for new elections. Kouvelis said for Real FM Radio, "I ​​will not cooperate with SYRIZA after the new elections." He blamed the extreme left for not using the opportunity New Democracy had provided to recognize and support a government of left pro-European forces.

live Alekos Alavanos: SYRIZA will take Greece out of the euro

14 May 2012 / 18:05:37  

The left is afraid to tell the truth as it is, namely, that the withdrawal from the Memorandum of financial assistance will inevitably lead to exiting the euro zone. These are the words of former SYRIZA leader Alekos Alavanos, who has criticized the current position of the left party as incorrect. Four years ago, he pushed his protégé Alexis Tsipras to take the leadership position in the extreme left and until yesterday, Alavanos supported the young politician. Now, his tone is altering.

live Journalists met Golden Dawn leader sitting down

14 May 2012 / 15:05:15  
Nikos Mihaloliakos visited the presidency within the context of negotiations for forming a coalition government in Greece. As a protest, media representatives squatted and some raised their hands behind their heads like hostages.

live The complicated political situation is still being untangled

14 May 2012 / 15:05:12  
At 7:30 pm on Monday, the President of the republic Carlos Papoulias will again invite the leaders of PASOK, New Democracy, the Democratic Left and SYRIZA to a meeting in an effort to form a coalition government. Alexis Tsipras has refused to attend the meeting.

live Athens Stock Exchange turnover plunged below 600 points

14 May 2012 / 13:05:00  
Banks felt the strongest market pressures. Their shares fell by 7% an hour after the opening of the Greek stock market. Moody's is warning of a collapse of the financial system in the event that Greece leaves the euro and Romano Prodi is talking about a chain collapse in the European Union.