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Archive - Sep 25, 2011

“Mistress” and “Slave” return to Greece from the Museum “Getty”

25 September 2011 / 19:09:49  
Fragments from a tomb relief of two female figures and a particularly valuable column with inscriptions are returned to Greece. A Memorandum of cooperation ends the illegal trade in antiquities

Google+ nothing more than a social network

25 September 2011 / 17:09:09  
Google literary uploaded the circles of friends in its social network, which is open for registration for few days now.

Public opinion gives a clear advantage to New Democracy

25 September 2011 / 14:09:44  
Meanwhile, two members of PASOK Odysseas Vuduris and Thanassis Ikonomou sent an open letter to the Prime Minister, in which they raise the question of the resignation of those who either can not withstand tension, or hesitate in the implementation of government decisions, or put first their personal interests .