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Archive - Sep 19, 2011

The most important piece of jewellery for a woman is earrings, because they can totally change her appearance

19 September 2011 / 23:09:25  
"Yellow gold is eternal and can be worn regardless of fashion trends dominating during certain periods," says the renowned jeweler George Maramenos in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.

The British investment fund Silchester increased its stake in the Greek national electricity company

19 September 2011 / 20:09:57  
Stephen Butt is the man behind the fund. He is the second largest shareholder in the Greek public company after the state.

Fallen building sent five people to hospital

19 September 2011 / 17:09:41  
The second floor of a new building in the Athens district in the northern suburb of Kifissia fell during remedial works. Three foreigners and two Greeks were sent to hospital.

Fast devaluation of public companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange

19 September 2011 / 16:09:58  
The Greeks will make privatization worth pennies after the value of public companies has fallen almost in half in three years.

IMF: Greece is credited under AAA terms, without having the same rating

19 September 2011 / 15:09:27  
This is the implication of the decisions of July 21 and it is now Greece's turn, stressed the Fund's Permanent Representative Bob Traa, according to whom taxes would not fall if tax evasion is not eliminated and the public sector is not cut.

Cyprus is starting the drilling for oil and gas

19 September 2011 / 13:09:11  
Turkey is going to make its own exploration and is threatening the European Union that it would suspend the diplomatic relations between them. There was a sharp response by the Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias.