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Archive - 2010

January 3rd

Government's "piggy-bank" plan

03 January 2010 / 09:01:56  
New taxes for banks, casinos and private hospitals and tax concessions for those who attach as many receipts as possible to their tax forms, were announced by the government in the first two days of the new year.

PASOK brings fresh ideas to bridge budget gaps

03 January 2010 / 09:01:31  
New taxes for casinos and private clinics, change in the way of pension calculation and tax concessions for those that attach the most receipts to their income statements were some of the measures announced from the top.

Our dream is to establish a horse-riding complex

03 January 2010 / 09:01:13  
Emilios and Alexandra Martini talk to Emanuela Karastojanova about the situation in this elite sport

January 1st

GRR HOT 15 wishes you a Happy New Year!

01 January 2010 / 15:01:27  
Yes, it is 12:37 as I am writing this but I will still say – good morning and Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time last night and I wish this year will bring you a lot of things to smile and be happy about!

Happy 2010!

01 January 2010 / 12:01:08  
Fireworks over the Acropolis marked the New Year, which we believe will be better and more successful.

Municipal employees killed a mayor

01 January 2010 / 11:01:21  
The two cashiers beat him and shot him with a gun.