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Archive - Dec 2010

December 9th

Strikers admitted they do not know the drafts for the urban transport reform but are against them

09 December 2010 / 10:12:11  
Employees of urban transport that announced 24-hour strike yesterday and demonstrated in central Athens, failed to submit their petition to the Minister of Economy Giorgos Papakonstantinou. About 2000 people gathered at the rally organized by several trade unions of employees of the subway, public transport and railways, trolleys and buses, who were supported by the union of the Communist Party of Greece.

December 8th

The 85-year-old legend of the Greek music Mikis Theodorakis founded a party against the Memorandum

08 December 2010 / 14:12:11  
The eccentric composer known for his leftist views opposed NATO and the cooperation with the West, accused Papandreou of the crisis

Suspected terrorists lived in the lap of luxury

08 December 2010 / 12:12:59  
They had apartments rented, traveled freely, used different gadgets, had a diverse arsenal of weapons, their friends gathered outside the court to disturb the police

Pavlos Psomiadis under arrest

08 December 2010 / 10:12:21  
The former President and CEO of the closed insurance company Aspis Pronia is accused of falsifying documents and attempted legalization of income from criminal acts and fraud.

Athens in the grip of transport strike

08 December 2010 / 09:12:03  
No public transport in the Greek capital, a 3-hour strike of bank employees, owners of restaurants and also protest, but against the... smoking ban

December 7th

The IMF will defer Greece’s repayments of the financial support

07 December 2010 / 17:12:57  
Dominique Strauss-Kahn shortened his visit to Athens. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund said he was impressed by what was done so far and that Greece should insistently continue with the reforms of the economy.

Violence and destruction in the streets of Athens rather than Alexis Grigoropoulos commemoration

07 December 2010 / 11:12:17  
Molotov cocktails, fires in bins, war with stones, tear and asphyxiating gases and stun grenades. This is how the centre of Athens looked like the last 12 hours, reported Anastasia Balezdrova.