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Archive - Nov 2010

November 7th

A football manager concealed 26 million euro

07 November 2010 / 18:11:33  
Four illegal "dealings" between a Greek referee and a famous football manager worth 4 million euros have been discovered. The referee in question practiced his profession in Northern Greece, and the manager had bribed other referees and important figures from the world of football as well.

The local vote will determine whether there will be early parliamentary elections

07 November 2010 / 17:11:53  
As a whole the electoral procedure in Greece runs normally. The residents of two villages in Northern Greece and on the island of Gavdos decided to boycott entirely or partly the elections due to disagreement with the new territorial system in the country.

Air controllers warn that the organization of the airports is a weak spot

07 November 2010 / 16:11:54  
We are not OSE, our service is profitable says the Secretary General of the Union of air traffic controllers in Greece Yannis Kourmoulakis in an interview with Marina Nikolova. The price of the flights in Greece is out of control, the country is not ready to join the Common European sky.

Determination of the voters for the local elections in Greece

07 November 2010 / 12:11:07  
The impressions from the GRReporter check are that the participation in the local elections will be very active tomorrow. The voters for the first time will directly elect the regional governors and their advisers in the municipalities, but the Greeks will not understand in advance the results because there will be no exit poll surveys.

The National Bank of Greece exits the state aid package

07 November 2010 / 10:11:04  
While the largest private commercial bank is directing towards to the international markets, Greece is threatened by a near bankruptcy. The IMF is warning that the rescheduling of the foreign debt will not solve the problems of the local economy.

Theater of the planets in the next 4 months

06 November 2010 / 22:11:25  
The decor changes, the actors switch - some of them get on the stage, others get of, a slight turmoil and then everything calms down.

November 6th

The old war-horse of Panathinaikos, Mike Baptiste cannot believe that he stepped on the head of an opponent

06 November 2010 / 17:11:03  
Panathinaikos’ match against the team of Olympia Ljubljana left black traces in the Greek basketball. Not because the Greens suffered their first loss in the Euroleague, but because they suffered their first loss in basketball. Scenes similar to those of the Acropolis tournament had to be quickly forgotten. And to simply remain as bad memories from the past. When the national team player Yannis Bouroussis was hit with a chair on the head by the furious Nenad Krstic, the shameful video toured around the world.