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Archive - Jun 2009

June 19th

Will Turkoglou join “Olympiakos”?

19 June 2009 / 13:06:10  

One of the key-players of the NBA finalist “Orlando Magic”- Hidaet “Hedo” Turkoglou, Turkey, is ready to leave his current team.

Antonio Milošoski arrives in Corfu with a MAT airplane

19 June 2009 / 10:06:00  
The Greek Foreign Ministry had allowed a flight of the Macedonian state airline, even though the plane is labeled with the state symbols and the name "Macedonia."

June 18th

Greek tasting beer

18 June 2009 / 18:06:29  
For years, beer was never part of the Greek consumer ideals – they believed it is a drink, which goes with grilled meat and it drunk in summer… This is because Greeks were drinking beer, which was produced in mass production factories but now there are small factories, which produce beer with unforgettable aroma. Don't miss the opportunity to try them!

Fear of new and bloodier terrorist attacks

18 June 2009 / 16:06:04  
Even though still no terrorist organization has taken responsibility of yesterday's insolent murder of a policeman in Athens, experts believe that the Revolutionary Sect is to blame. Criminologists speak of a third generation of terrorists in Greece.

Become a windsurfing champion

18 June 2009 / 13:06:59  

The basic skill, which a beginner surfer must possess, is to be able to keep the rig up while point the board forward. For the everyday man of action, who does not have much free time, a short vacation can be enough to fully relax while windsurfing.

Isinbaeva will participate in Thessaloniki Grand prix

18 June 2009 / 11:06:09  

The pole vault world record holder, the golden girl from Athens to Beijing – Yelena Isinbaeva confirmed her participation yesterday in the Thessaloniki Grand prix finals.

"Documentary & Disability" Festival starts in Athens

18 June 2009 / 09:06:30  
The international festival “Documentary & Disability” will take place for a third consecutive year in Athens. The disability subject is not presented as a separate social problem but in the context of war, destroying the environment, social and economic conditions, maternity, sexual orientation, etc.