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Archive - Jun 22, 2009

The Athens Pride parade took place under the slogan "100% Equality"

22 June 2009 / 21:06:54  
The subject about sexuality is always stirring – often love needs to overcome some obstacles, in order to work. People’s experience show that love is a sexual attraction, that it cannot be limited to only one sex, by the social status, or by the borders of different countries. Since ancient times, wars have been fought about the right and freedom to express your feelings and to declare them in front of the whole world. The collision between the desire to be free in love and the imposed societal norms has been used by the masters of some of the greatest masterpieces in literature and art. Regarding the held not too long ago Gay Parade in Athens and the one, which is expected to take place in Sofia, Marina Nikolova sought to find some love answers from an activist from the lesbian group in Athens – Erotophili Diamandopoulos.

The beach is for all!

22 June 2009 / 18:06:25  
Except for Greece being the country with the longest coast line in Europe, Greeks are also the people, who cannot live without the sea. This is why they are fighting for their right to go to the beach for free. The mayor of one Athenian neighborhood "Elliniko" went on a hunger strike, in order for one southern beach to have free entrance.

The Queen of wedding dresses took over the Greek sky

22 June 2009 / 17:06:14  
Designer Celia Krithariotis, who won the contest for the new design of Olympic Air uniforms, is one of the most famous wedding dress designers in the world.

"Elefterios Tipos" newspaper closing down

22 June 2009 / 15:06:21  
The failure of one of the biggest Greek publications is the first big collapse of the Theodoros and Yanna Angelopoulos family after their triumph in 2004 on the Olympic Games in Athens.

Internet pirates waving the Greek "flag"

22 June 2009 / 14:06:14  
Greeks download music and movies, break software keys and every 6 out of every 10 programs are illegal. In piracy terms, Greece is in the top ten countries in the EU, together with Bulgaria and Romania.

Bulgarian mafia arming Greek terrorists?

22 June 2009 / 09:06:07  
Four Bulgarians were arrested by the Promahonas border police, while trying to import weapons and drugs in Greece.