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Archive - Jun 16, 2009

New promises for a bicycle alley

16 June 2009 / 17:06:54  
The first bicycle alley will be 26km long and it will start from Kifisia and will reach Faliro. The Athens bikers union complained that the Greek Ministry of Public Works is paying billions of Euros for constructing thoroughfares but no one is willing to pay for the construction of bicycle alleys.

Banks are introducing a new point credit scoring system

16 June 2009 / 17:06:53  

After July 1st Tiresias JSC will apply a new credit scoring system, according to which a profile for each client will be created. The goal of the banks is to calculate personal interest rates based on points gathered by each client.

Mandatory vaccination against silicosis for Greeks over 65

16 June 2009 / 10:06:21  
Greece is doing everything in its power to protect itself from the swine flu virus. The National Epidemiological Center advises that children up to 5 years old and anyone who suffers from chronic diseases should get the classic flu shot.

60 fires for one day

16 June 2009 / 10:06:37  
Firestorm was raging next to private homes in the luxurious sea neighborhood Glyfada. The government is saving money and it has not hired enough firefighting helicopters.