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Archive - Jun 2009

June 12th

Athens will have an eco-park next to the sea

12 June 2009 / 14:06:28  
A river, a pond, nine soccer fields, pools, a playground and a botanical garden are planned in the project of the eco-park, which will be on the Athenian coastal line.

Olympic's crew members will look a bit different

12 June 2009 / 13:06:51  
Olympic Airlines' passengers will be attended to by crew members dressed in the most modern uniforms. Designer Celia and Nikos Krithariotis won the contest, offered by Marfin Investment Group, with 22 139 votes.

Four new cases of swine flu

12 June 2009 / 10:06:49  
The day, when the World Health Organization announced the first influenza pandemic of the 21st century, the total number of infected cases in Greece became 12.

"Vacation in Greece" is the most common search term in Google

11 June 2009 / 21:06:19  
Based on researches the number of job positions in the tourism sector in Greece is decreasing but the search term "vacation in Greece" in Google leads the ranking of mostly writen keywords. "Book online, because prices are 40% lower," says the Greek media.

June 11th

A hundred year old man from Ikaria tells...

11 June 2009 / 20:06:46  
"You need to laugh and dance, not complain and worry. Whatever is going to happen, will happen," says 103 year old Georgios Kouvaris from Ikaria Island. Not long ago scientists, CNN and National Geographic declared the island as one of the four places on earth with the most centenarians.

Newsweek: The Parthenon marbles belong to everyone

11 June 2009 / 16:06:13  
The English magazine reasons on whether Lord Elgin's marbles should return to Athens. The Greek capital has started hosting the celebration for the New Acropolis museum.

The boiling cauldron in the Athenian ghetto

11 June 2009 / 15:06:27  
The Athenian square "St. Pantheleimon" is the home of illegal immigrants, drug addicts, racists, anti-racists, local citizens, small store owners and police.