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Archive - May 2009

May 17th

Demonstrations against the secret meeting of the Bilderbergs in “Aster Palace” hotel

17 May 2009 / 16:05:37  
Demonstrations against the secret meeting of the world leaders, calling their elite club “Bilderberg”, took place in front of “Aster Palace” hotel in Athens. A Greek newspaper published the main directions in the discussions of the economical brains of the planet.

The tax office starts investigating the owners of luxurious cars

17 May 2009 / 16:05:20  
Since the beginning of the year Greece has recorded a shocking number of checks with no coverage, reaching the amount of approximately 1bil euro. Fiscal agents will start street check-ups of the drivers of luxurious cars.

Desperately seeking income, the Greek government looks to sell shares of OTE, Parnitha Casino

17 May 2009 / 14:05:21  
For a first time since March, stock markets all over the world failed to make significant gains this week. The Dow Jones halted its recent period of growth, slipping just about 2.3%, closing at 8268.6 points. The S&P 500 shared a similar fate, dropping 3.3% and closing on Friday at 883.28 points. This was despite an announced 1 point rise in US consumer confidence. Across the ocean, the FTSE 100 followed suit, falling almost 2.5% this week to a 4341.7 close. In Athens, the general index also dropped, though only marginally, closing at 2146.15 points, losing 0.5% for the week.

Norway won Eurovision, but Sakis stole the hearts of the Bulgarian audience!

17 May 2009 / 12:05:01  
At “Eurovision” musical contest Bulgaria gave its maximum points to the Greek pop stage star, Sakis Rouvas! The winner was Alexander Rybak, Norway, who fascinated the Europeans with his song “Fairytale”.

Going back to the future with clay houses

16 May 2009 / 21:05:53  
Nature-friendly houses made of wood, mud and straw, ready only for a week! The Piliko company is trying to rediscover the house of the future, through a method that has been used for ages.

May 15th

Researches on stem cells from new-born babies yield hopes

15 May 2009 / 18:05:12  
The private banks in Greece store stem cells from the new-born child, so that they can be used by him/her or by his/her relatives if needed.

All-time doping control, everywhere

15 May 2009 / 16:05:03  
“The doping control must be started at the youngest age”- with these words the WADA (World Anti- Doping Agency) Director General, David Howman, opened the European conference which took place last night in Athens. “Programs for children education need to be created, and they will reveal the essence of sport. These efforts have been already brought to success in Europe, since the programs created are applied in more and more countries.”