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Archive - May 1, 2009

Supermarkets introduce the self checkout system

01 May 2009 / 13:05:33  

Greek consumers use the self checkout cashiers in order to save time.

Plamen Konstantinov leaves Iraklis

01 May 2009 / 12:05:27  
The expected news that the captain of the Iraklis volleyball team, Plamen Konstantinov will leave the team was announced by DeltaNews.

The crisis ruined the Labor Day celebration

01 May 2009 / 12:05:46  
"Workers will not pay the price of the crisis" - this is the mains logan, with which syndicate members celebrate today's holiday.

Todor Zhivkov impressed Greeks with his knowledge about the Macedonian problem

01 May 2009 / 09:05:09  
Secret Bulgarian archives in relation to the Macedonian problem in the period 1950-1967 were published for the first time in Greek. The collection was presented personally by the Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyanni.