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Archive - May 6, 2009

Maternity benefits increase to ?739.56

06 May 2009 / 16:05:44  
From May 1st maternity benefits increased with 5.5% and became ?739.56 for women working in private firms.

The December events in Athens brought an "Oscar" for best photographer to Yannis Kolesidis

06 May 2009 / 15:05:54  
A picture of the hand, on which there is a trickle of blood. As a background to this, there are the protective shields of the Special Police Forces of the Greek police. This photo brought the prestigious World Press Photo award to the 36 year old Yannis Kolesidis.

Navplio - the small pearl of Peloponnese

06 May 2009 / 11:05:02  
Athenians are very busy and they live under the everyday stress. Because of this during the weekends they want to run away from the busy city. One of the places, which they love going to is Navplio. It is a colorful, small and quite city on the sea-shore.

Huge mark-up of private school tuitions

06 May 2009 / 09:05:58  
The most expensive are the private elementary schools, where tuitions exceed ?11 000 for the 2009-2010 school year. The private high schools exceed ?10 500 and kindergartens cost "only" ?8000.