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Archive - May 26, 2009

Another four Bulgarians sentenced for espionage

26 May 2009 / 17:05:32  
“The case was very hard, because the prosecution wanted an effective sentence. They barely got away,” said the Bulgarian ambassador in Thessaloniki Kremen Stoev.

Upcoming revolution in the traditional notion of media and news

26 May 2009 / 17:05:29  
Not long ago ended the Fifth global meeting of the Bulgarian media, which was broadly covered and analyzed by the media. Following, I will present you my entirely subjective view of the media forum, because of three reasons.

Espresso mania among Greeks

26 May 2009 / 15:05:28  

The most beloved coffee of Greeks will probably be the espresso, which is becoming more and more popular. For one year Greeks have spent ?237 million in supermarkets, in order to consume 16.3 million kilos of coffee.

Competition for the new logo of "Olympic Airlines"

26 May 2009 / 13:05:08  
Marfin Ivestment Group (MIG) announced an open contest for the new logo of the Greek airline carrier Olympic Airways, which it bought not too long ago. The winner of the competition will win ?20 000.

700 000 Muslims without a mosque in Athens

26 May 2009 / 12:05:41  
The bill for building a legal Muslim mosque is sinking under dust and the ?15 million given for its construction have disappeared.