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Archive - Feb 2009

February 12th

Minister Petralia reassures new job postions

12 February 2009 / 00:02:26  
Fear among the private-sector workers of mass releasing of employees and shortening the working week; the Minister of labor and social affairs Fani Petralia promised measures for stabilizing the employment.

February 11th

The key for solving the Cyprian problem is in Ankara

11 February 2009 / 15:02:27  
The President of the Cyprian Republic Dimitris Hristofias and the new Greek ambassador in Cyprus Vasilios Papayoanou agreed that the key for solving the Cyprian problem is in Ankara.

Cyprian in Thai jail for offending the king

11 February 2009 / 12:02:48  
41 year old Haris Nikolaidis was put in jail for three years in Thailand because he offended the king of the country.

President of the Athenian Stock Exchange took over the Greek Olympic Committee

11 February 2009 / 11:02:46  
With 18 to 11 votes, Spiros Kapralos won against the former olympic boss and owner of the Antenna TV station Minos Kiriakou.

The government is optimistic about MIG's offer for Olympic

11 February 2009 / 10:02:09  

The Arabian group offers ?200 million for the national airline after the failure of the official tender. "Our doors are still open for other investors," said the development minister.

February 10th

Zeus' birthplace found!

10 February 2009 / 18:02:46  
According to legends the Greek God Zeus, protector of the thunders and lightening was born underneath earth’s womb. Now archeologists and historians hope to find out exactly where.

Will there be a winner after the crisis

10 February 2009 / 17:02:38  
Analyzers are already looking for the so called “winners of tomorrow” or associations, which will be the first ones in the next peak of the stocks if the crisis does not leave chaos after it’s over.